Atreyu Live at The Myth – Maplewood MN – September 21st 2023

Atreyu played live with Memphis May Fire.  We Want Your Misery, co-headlined the tour in Minnesota on September 21, 2023 at the Myth.

Another Day Dawns was the opener for the night. They are showing their spot in rock with their newest release of, “Hesitate”, that is being played on several different platforms, Octane being one of them. Great group of performers, as you can feel their love for playing music.

Catch Your Breath is another rock band that has been showing their place in the rock industry with several singles that have been huge hits. “Dial Tone” was the hit single that brought them to rock charts and to your ears. Most recently “21 Gun Salute” has been playing on several rock platforms, growing in popularity. The group is super entertaining to watch and will get any crowd ready for the headliner. I can guarantee the band is going to be big and will hopefully have their own headlining tour soon.

Memphis May Fire put on a hell of a show, every time you see them. Matty Mullins the lead singer is a born performer, as well as all the other members, they put their hearts into their performance. The band’s latest album, Remade in Misery, has taken their sound back to their original roots, heavier songs. Songs, “Somebody” and “Bleed Me Dry” are some of my favorites off the album. Back from the Warped Tour days, they have always been one of my favorite bands to watch live.

Atreyu is another Warped Tour band that has been another favorite of mine.  Seeing Atreyu live is fun because they put on a great show that will not disappoint. The band has been around since the late 90’s, which through their live performance, you can tell that they are awesome at what they do. The group is set to release their ninth studio album, The Beautiful Dark of Life, at the end of 2023.

Such a great lineup for a tour, this is one you don’t want to miss when it comes through your town.