Arch Enemy – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN – November 18, 2014

Arch Enemy has come to Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 18, 2014, bringing Kreator and Huntress along for the ride. The audience is eager for thrash metal and they are in for a treat.

Huntress starts off the night with a short set, comprised of songs from their latest release, “Starbound Beast”. Kreator have a much more extended set, one that practically makes them a dual billing for Arch Enemy. They’re the perfect type of opener for Arch Enemy, the classic thrash metal, much like Exodus, Anthrax, or Metallica. There shows, this one included, are full of mosh pits, headbangers, and the like. Many of the audience members are there simply to see them and leave satisfied.

Arch Enemy takes the stage with new front runner, Alissa White-Gluz waving the band’s flag to the utter delight to all the fans. Canadian born White-Gluz is a beast of a front woman, both on vocals and stage antics. As a replacement for former front runner, Angela Gossow, who left the band as recently as March of 2014, she is very much accepted by the fans.

Their set list consists of numerous tracks from throughout the band’s career. Mixed with immense mosh pits, chanting, headbanging, and more, Arch Enemy shines bright, filling Mill City Nights with heavy metal madness.