Alter Bridge – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN – May 1, 2014

A variety of fans gather at First Avenue in Minneapolis on the warm evening of May 1, 2014 to see Alter Bridge, accompanied by Monster Truck as an opening act. They are in for a fantastic show, a concert that holds true in both quantity and quality of music.

Monster Truck is a great opener. It is easy to see that this band is going to go far as the audience is very well engaged in their throwback bluesy rock. Many times, it is easy to not listen to an opening act and pay attention only to the interest in the main act, but that is not the case here. Monster Truck starts the night out right and really welcomes in Alter Bridge.

Between sets, the excitement can be felt throughout the club. The large diversity in the audience is astounding. It’s about even when it comes to men and women, something that some find interesting, as Alter Bridge is very much listened to by women. The age group differ widely, from very young fans to fans in their forties and fifties. People are dressed in everything from biker gear to every day street clothes and more. So it’s anyone’s guess how the audience is going to blend together.

Alter Bridge opens their set with their recent radio hit, “Addicted to Pain”. It gets everyone in the club moving and sets a positive energy that doesn’t dissolve throughout the night. Mixing songs from all four of their studio albums, Alter Bridge satisfies every part of their audience from the old to the new. Myles Kennedy is a force as a front man, with his rising vocals and fervent interpretations; he dominates the stage with his presence. Not limited to vocals however, he is also a artistic guitarist; often combining his skills with the equally talented Mark Tremonti to create the proper sound when necessary.

Speaking of Tremonti; to see him live is a treat to fans of guitars everywhere. There is a reason he is placed in the upper stratums of guitarists. The man is flawless in his execution, regardless of the melody, making him interesting to watch. It is also evident that he is incredibly passionate in his work, which makes it appear almost effortless in execution. Getting the chance to view any musician of that style is like history in the making.

The set lasts nearly twenty songs, a sheer treat to the audience. When one sees a band that they have waited a while for and are passionate about, having a show that lasts that long makes for an incredible memory. As the band ends the show on their two encores, they appear grateful to their fans, happy to have given them such a fantastic show.

Setlist: Addicted to Pain – Come to Life – Before Tomorrow Comes – Bleed It Dry – Cry of Achilles – Brand New Start – Ghost of Days Gone By – Fortress – Ties That Bind – Waters Rising – Isolation – Broken Wings – Metalingus – Blackbird – Open Your Eyes – Slip to the Void – Rise Today