93x Family Reunion – Shinedown – Target Center – MInneapolis MN – September 17th 2021

93x and Target Center present the 93x Family Reunion staring Shinedown with special guests SeetherMammoth WVH and Ayron James

Target Center has not had a live concert for 18 months… (thanks covid)
But the concert that brought live music back to the Target Center was 93X’s Family Reunion
show on Friday, September 17, 2021.

In which Ayron Jones that hails from Seattle, known for Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, was the star
opener. Newly fresh on the radio Ayron Jones is killing the radio waves with his new debut
single from 2020, “Take Me Away”, brought him into the limelight. In which 2021 he released
“Mercy” and took off after both of those songs graced the radio waves. Bringing him into rock
audiences’ ears all over the country. Ayron is very entertaining live as you would hear him on
the radio, great performer, along with his band.

Mammoth Wolfgang Van Halen was the next act to grace the stage. I’m almost positive you
have heard the band, Van Halen, before, and if not, well you are not a fan of rock. Mammoth is
the son of Eddie Van Halen and was the singer for Van Halen until their disbandment. He chose
Mammoth WVH, because it was a derivative to his father’s first band, Mammoth. After the
debut album, Mammoth WVH, was released it followed with reviews saying that “it would
make his father proud”. In which I could totally believe, he was born a performer just like his
father. Mammoth WVH puts on an incredible show and you would not want to miss them when
they come into your town.

I’ve seen Seether several times, as it seems they actually like Minnesota (lol). Every time they
put on a show that is just like their album. With their, “post-grunge, hard rock” style, they
always bring the talent to the stage. Seether is the type of band that you hear on the radio or
on a record and see them live and think, ‘is there really a difference’, in which I don’t really feel
like there is because they sound just like they do on any type of platform. Seether is always
there to continually bring the rock and make the audience excited with their performances.
Shinedown, Shinedown, Shinedown, what more can I say? They are one of the top
bands/performers I have ever seen live, and that’s (a lot), I’ve been to very, very, many shows.
They will continually surprise me with their performance. Shinedown is a band that will keep
you on your toes, as well as get you on your feet and dance. Shinedown’s band, Zach, Brent,
Eric, and Barry are performers that involve the audience. They want every single person in the
room to feel like they are a part of their show and performance. Their stage performance is like
none other, they want their fans to feel a part of their group. Shinedown is a band that I have
seen several times, and not once did their show get boring.

They are high top performers and
know how to involve their fans and get them involved into the concert as they are. Shinedown
will always be one of my favorite bands to see live, they put their heart into every single show.