311 – Myth – Maplewood MN – October 12th 2017

I finally got a chance to check out 311 live at Myth in Maplewood, MN on October 12th. It’s a show that’s been on my radar for a while based on recommendation from a good friend who never misses a chance to see them. I arrived early and was first met by a couple of super-fans who were handing out bracelets that they had printed specifically to celebrate this evening’s show. I was impressed with this gesture and soon learned the whole pack of people at the front of the line shared a great deal of enthusiasm for this band and were excited to talk about the shows they’d seen in the past.

This show felt a bit special as it was the opening night of their 2017 Fall tour and the energy level was through the roof. They had a giant lighted backdrop that add a psychedelic feel at times and added to their big sound. The tunes were unique with a mixture of Rock, Funk and Reggae that naturally generated an intoxicating party vibe. There was good interaction between band members and they were very good at engaging the audience, who returned the energy right back making for an elevated set. Catching them at a festival, you are sure to get all their best known material, but I’m glad I got to see them headline to experience some of the deeper cuts.

Local opener Jon Wayne and the Pain was the right choice to get things rolling as their sound contains similar elements to 311. It’s now easy for me to understand why 311 has been able to grow a loyal following and I’m happy to say I’m now a part of it.

Set List: Freeze Time – All Mixed Up – Perfect Mistake – Beautiful Disaster – Wildfire – Jack-o-lantern’s Weather – Come Original – Extension – Large in the Margin – Face in the Wind – Amber – Visit – Too Late – Applied Science – ‘Til the City’s on Fire – Flowing – Beyond the Gray Sky – Too Much to Think – Sick Tight – Down Encore: Livin’ & Rockin’ – Creatures (For a While)

Photos and review by Patrick Dunn.