Wildstreet – Part Wolf – Minneapolis MN – September 7th 2021

Blind Anxiety Entertainment present Kings of the World tour starting WildstreetOnce Around and Caster Valor

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Well the day started like any other day and at about 3 in the afternoon I saw a post on the Facebook about the show. WTF why did. I not know about this. So I called my buddy up and told him we can’t miss this show.

So we got there and orders some drinks and Once Around was up first. They come from our neighboring state Wisconsin from a town of only about 900. They are a three piece with Sebastian James on Vocals – Wrath Starz on guitars and Era on Drums. For three dudes these guys make a lot of noise. They have catchy tunes and great vocals. My buddy said he reminded him of Warrior Soul. I loved their sound and  energy, they must be checked out if you like Skid Row – Warrior Soul – Steelheart and those types of bands.  CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON ONCE AROUND.

Wildstreet had the second slot tonight. Wildstreet started in 2006 and have been giving all us glam metal fans what we need. I was introduced to them a few years back from a friend of mine. They have been in my playlist for a few years now. Tennessee Cocaine is my new favorite from the band. All the bands had some what smaller sets tonight and they hit us mostly with Wildstreet III their latest release. The band is absolutely amazing with groove oriented guitar solos and a rhythm section that kept it going all night. If you are looking for that sleeze glam metal of the 80’s these are your guys. Get all the info on Wildstreet HERE.

Local metal head Caster Valor finished this evening. These dudes go all out for their metal. They always bring a stage show – outfits – smoke machine – multiple led lights and their awesome bus. Playing the Minneapolis metal circuit for a while now they always please the metal fans. WIth songs like Ready or Not Come on and Rock, Black Leather Middle Finger, and My Rock N Roll Dream how can you not be intrigued to listen. Plus live you can’t look away cause it’s like 1984 all over again. Tonight we also got Cum On Feel the Noize, a metal cover of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and Breaking the Law. Tonight there was a sit in drummer and filled in very nicely. Fun thats what these guys are, so if you like fun and metal do not miss out on Caster Valor. Click HERE for more info.