UFO – Medina Entertainment Center – Medina MN – February 13th 2020

Kyle Hansen RKH Images; (www.rkh-images.com)

Medina Entertainment Center presents UFO

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

In 2017 I drove out to see Saxon and UFO out in Iowa. As I thought this would be the last time I saw UFO. Well it was not. I was very surprised to see they were bringing the Last Orders 50th Anniversary 2020 tour state side again.

Opening was Damon Johnson of Brother Cane fame. His short set included Got No Shame, And Fools Shine On, Breadmaker and Thin Lizzy tunes. The band kicked out the set perfectly. Just make sure you get there in time to see them.

UFO is one of those bands that should be way bigger than they are. They have a devote following through out the world. All of us die hard rockers were there tonight. It was great when everyone I met up with broke out their leather motorcycle jackets for the show. Even when it was 3 below zero.

The Medina crowd was more than excited for the show. Beers were being had, old school shirts and jacket memorabilia was all over the place. Now the Medina is a ballroom, so it is a very intimate setting for a show. There is gold circle seating and general admission. The band came out right at nine and went into Mother Mary and he crowd gave a standing ovation. Cause most of the age of the crowd and the tables, most were sitting through out the evening. We maybe old but we saw all the great bands! We Belong To the Night was next and is off the album Mechanix. That was my introduction to UFO as my first full album I bought by UFO. I knew all the hits but I started buying the albums there. Not the strongest of albums but still love it.

Vinnie Moore is an amazing guitarist. He plays the songs like he was on the albums, and more. We were lucky enough to walk in at the right time he was hanging by will call when we arrived. Super nice guy. On guitar and keyboards tonight is Neil Carter replacing Paul Raymond who died last April of a heart attack.  Neil was in UFO from 81 to 83 so he fit in perfectly. Andy Parker has been the drummer of UFO since 1969, the year I was born. Incredible when these bands have been doing this since then. Rob De Luca still on bass since 08. They hit all the tracks you want to hear Lights Out, Only You Can Rock Me, Cherry and more. Phil’s voice is still amazing at 71. He is so cool and smooth on stage. Still strutting it and rocking the house. He hit every note. Toward the end of concert comes all the hits, Too Hot To Handle, Rock Bottom and for the encore Doctor Doctor and Shoot Shoot. The band gave a bow and that was that.

I want to thank UFO for the years of dedication to rock n roll. It has filled all of our lives with unbelievable music. Influenced so many guitarist, singers and bands. Iron Maiden, my fav, may not even be here with out UFO. Phil thanks for sticking it out and doing these 50th anniversary tours.

Go see UFO. You can get all info on their web site HERE.