U2 – US Bank Stadium – Minneapolis MN – September 9th 2017

U2 brings their Joshua Tree tour to the US bank Stadium on September 8th 2017. We all kind of were surprised when they announced this tour we were not included. But then came the second leg and we got one

Tonight the opening act was Beck. Beck hit the scene just over 20 years ago with his album Mellow Gold.

He did mostly a greatest hits set tonight with the limited time he had. The band had a groove going the whole night to make me think I need to list to more of these guys.

It did seem kind of out of place for Beck in this huge of a venue. I like to see these types of bands in a  more intimate setting. He did play The Palace theater about a month ago and it was a full rocking set. Before that he had not been here since 2008. He still has all his swagger and coolness on stage. Hopefully we  get a full tour here after the album release.

During the set he did play Raspberry Beret cause he is a huge Prince fan. Fun thing is when you are at any show in town you know at any time someone could break out into a Prince song.

Someone please just kick into Erotic City. He has huge roots in rock and R&B and it shows in his music.

His new album Colors, comes out on October 13th. He did not play anything from it but we can not wait for it.

Beck setlist – Devils Haircut – Black Tambourine – Think I’m in Love – The New Pollution – Soul of a Man – Go It Alone – One Foot in the Grave – Lost Cause – Raspberry Beret – Wave – Loser – E-Pro – Where It’s At.

I did not plan on being in the second row for the show. We got there and I saw the front was wide open so why not. Met some great people up front and heard a ton of stories of how many shows they have seen. The winner this was her 27th show of all time, 5th of this tour.

I myself am not that dedicated. Causal fan but really like Joshua Tree. The stage was huge on one end of US Bank Stadium with a joshua tree expanding out from it to the middle of the stadium.

They started out in the middle with a drum set coming out from under the stage to break right into Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year Day Bad and Pride. Not a bad way to start.

The band then goes to the main stage to start Joshua Tree. They go from the beginning to the end. Bono even jokes about flipping the cassette over to side two now. For those of you who do not know what a cassette is please ask your parents.

Bono sounds good through out the evening. The Edge, Adam, and Larry all are right on. With age coming to the best of us I could see the singer always being concerned about his voice but he sounded excellent tonight. If you have not watched This is Gonna Get Loud watch it. The Edge brings you on a tour of Dublin where the band started and shows you some of his creative ideas on guitar sound. I’m a total sucker on music documentaries.

After the album is over Bono comes out and has us all sing happy birthday to Willie the stage designer tonight. He is the guy that comes up with all this shit he says. I have seen some incredible stage designs from this man.

The encore just keep the hits coming. As it should be, it was a Beautiful Day and then Elevation and Vertigo. I love all three of these newer songs. Good just power rock n roll songs. The sound is big and powerful the way one of the biggest bands of all time should be.

In the end my only complaint was the sound, even being the front the sounds till bounced behind us. We need to get and amphitheater to house these types of events in the cities.

What surprised me tonight was how humble and thankful he was to be on that stage. Not that he has not shown this in the past but tonight was special.

Set list – Sunday Bloody Sunday – New Years Day – Bad – Pride in the name of love – Where the Street Have No Name – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – With or Without You – Bullet the Blue Sky – Running to Stand Still – Red Hill Mining Town – In God’s Country – Trip Through the Wires – One Tree Hill – Exit – Mothers of the Disappeared – Beautiful Day – Elevation – Vertigo – Mysterious Ways – Ultraviolet (Light my Way) – One

For more info and tour dates here on their official web page.