Thumpsaurus – The Turf Club – St. Paul, MN – March 19th, 2023

Thumpsaurus – The Turf Club – St. Paul, MN – March 19th, 2023

Review and photos by Sophie Owens

​Thumpasaurus brought the fun, the funk, and most importantly, the thump at their St. Paul stop on their Struttin’ Across America tour. I discovered Thumpasaurus only about a year ago, but it was love at first listen, so needless to say I was so excited that they were stopping here. I was not disappointed. It was a sold out show, and the place was already packed by the time the opener, Splimit, went on.

​Splimit are a trio hailing locally from the Twin Cities. Genre-wise they were all over the place; they were metal, they were grunge, they were funk, they were ska. Somehow it all blended together into one cohesive sound that kept your attention through the entire set. Every change kept me refreshed and excited to hear what would come next. It also helped that all three of them looked like they were just having a really good time playing together, which is always so wonderful to see. I would highly recommend giving them a listen.

​So the crowd was sufficiently riled up when Thumpasaurus took the stage, matching jumpsuits and all. They started out strong with “Struttin’,” easily their most viewed video to date. It was there the party began, and it did not stop until the very end. Thumpasaurus is one of those bands that I would absolutely recommend seeing live. I’d been listening to them constantly for so long, and they sound great recorded, but some bands bring an extra oomph to their live performances that should be experienced. It was honestly the grooviest, funkiest, most fun show I have been to in years. The best way to describe them is as “mental health music,” because all their songs are either silly and fun, or just heartfelt anthems towards positivity. We chopped all our bad thoughts out to “Mental Karate” and worked out our feelings through dance with “I’m Pissed.” The entire crowd was grooving, dancing, laughing, and screaming. If you were at this show and not dancing, I really don’t know how. I was smiling from ear to ear the entire set. They are bringing something special to the music scene, and I will not miss a chance to see them again. If you missed this show, don’t miss the next one. I honestly can’t recommend them enough.

​They’ve got a new song out, “Lipstick Makeup,” which you can listen to on Spotify and Youtube. And they’re still struttin’ across America, so catch a show if you can!