Thrice – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – January 30th 2020

Tommy Sommers Photography

Thrice @ First Avenue 1/30/20 with Mewithoutyou, Drug Church and Holy Fawn.

Opening act Holy Fawn was well, an incredible yawn. I can’t really tell you if the music was good because it was all so slow and plodding with too much bottom end. They make Mazzy Star look like an upbeat pop band. By the end I just wanted to go home, lay down and have a good cry.

Drug Church was fantastic! They are what a band should be live, full of energy. The lead singer reminds me of Henry Rollins. Drug Church has a punk element to them, but they can actually play their instruments. With some pop sensibility mixed in. They are very entertaining and totally worth checking out.

Mewithoutyou was the second band on the bill and seems to have a pretty good following. The crowd was really into their set. They are very melodic, and they remind me a little bit of the Smith’s with a very 80’s sound at times, yet very modern. Really good song writing and solid musicianship. Worth checking out.

Thrice was great. They are loud with very guitar driven songs. They are currently out on their 15 YEAR VHEISSU. ANNIVERSARY TOUR. They opened up with “Image Of The Invisible” and continued with other fan favorites including “The Earth Will Shake”, “Lullaby”, “Music Box” and “Black Honey”. To me they are a must see band and this is a great package tour. All of the bands were having fun and happy to be there playing for the fans.