The Rolling Stones – US Bank Stadium – Minneapolis MN – October 24th 2021

AEG and US Bank Stadium present The Rolling Stones

Review and photo by Kyle Hansen

The Rolling Stones made their return to the Twin Cities after 5 years and a 17 month delay of the tour. During that time Charlie Watts, one of the greatest drummers ever died. RIP Charlie. As rightfully so they have dedicated the tour in his honor. Sitting in for him is Steve Jordan who is part of the Rolling Stones family as he has played with Keith for years.

So we got downtown early for a dinner, some drinks and see what was going on around the stadium. When the Stones come into town it is always a spectacle.People watching was great, saw a guy in a full UNion Jack suit, mullet gut with a Stones over print shirt and a ton more. I brought my father in-law who had never seen the Stones. This was my 7th time seeing them since 94. I should have gone in 89 but was not a huge fan of the Steel Wheels album. Oh well live and learn.

The Black Pumas opened the show. They are a psychedelic soul band from Austin Texas. They started back in 2019 have one album, self titled and already have been nominated for 4 grammy’s. They have a cool smooth R&B funk feel. Overall I would just call it good music. Something ant music lover can get into. For more info on them click HERE. For their story on Wikipedia click HERE. These guys are a must!!

The Rolling Stones started their show with a minute tribute to Charlie on the screens with just a drum beat going. It was a emotional tribute to the late drummer. But then it was the intro Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones. Immediately I noticed the sound was amazing. I have been to 2 other concerts there and in the back it was horrible. We had the Luck Dip tickets from the band where you buy them when they go on sale for 30-40 bucks and then they pick where you sit and it can be anywhere in the arena. We got lucky to be in the back corner of the stadium in 113 on the aisle. No one behind us so we could stand or sit or do whatever made us comfortable. The sound there was amazing of the bat. I thought for sure it would have been horrible. They did their research and made it perfect. Street Fighting Man, Let’s Spend the Night Together, and 19th Nervous Breakdown got us started. I thought they sounded fantastic. Mick still strutting all over the stage at 78. He has kept himself in amazing shape. Before Tumbling Dice, Ron and Keith joined Jagger up front to talk about Charlie. They got really emotional so they kept it short but said this one is for you Charlie. Which did get a standing ovation, we were all standing already.

Every show they have fans vote on a song to be included in the setlist. Tonight the vote was for Monkey Man. A vary rarely played song. This was also the vote song in 2019 when I went to see them in Chicago. I love this song, it is special I got to actually see them do it twice. Then the next one up was Fool to Cry, which they have only played a few times since 1976. So to hear that was amazing. Mick said thanks to Minnesota many many times throughout the night. The best was when he said “I had 2 juicy lucy’s over at Matt’s bar and the 508 club. Washed it down with a Grain Belt, Fulton and Surly. Then finished off the night alone at Grumpy’s bar.” I nice tribute to Minnesota but reminded me of the Spinal Tap moment when they has Springfield on the back of the guitars so they did not forget. Well You Can’t Always Get What You Want  which was fitting for the next song. Living in A Ghost Town was written during the pandemic lock down and hopefully will be on their new album. Yes they do have one in the works. The chords of Start Me Up had everyone jump up immediately. The dancing all night was all over the place. I am sure this was the first time a lot of people were out of the house for the first time in a long time. It showed. Everyone had the rock n roll spirit in them. Honkey Tonk Women is always such a great song live. Steve Jordan had the drums perfect. It also had Scott my father in-law remembering when the song came out and he would play it every morning while cleaning the family bar. We were amazed at the performance this far. It was so good.

Mick introduced the band after that and of course Keith got the biggest applause. Mick says he is gonna get out and Keith gets the lead on Connection from way back in 67 and Before They Make Me Run. The rest of the show is just an onslaught of hits. Miss You, Midnight Rambler have extended jams included with Keith just grinning and doing what he does best. Paint it Black is an all time classic, Sympathy for the Devil gets everyone Woo Wooing, and Jumping Jack Flash closes the main set. The Encore starts with Gimme Shelter has Sasha Allen on the female vocal part and does she have a voice. Her and Mick were spot on. Of course closing out was Satisfaction. It’s the Stone, so far only a few shows left on the No Filter tour. Go see it if you can cause this may be the last time.