Summer Slaughter Tour – The Cabooze – Minneapolis MN – August 21st 2017

The Cabooze is slaughtered by the 2017 Summer Slaughter Tour!

Right off the bat the show was packed with energy. What do you expect from having such an extreme lineup?! Every single band on this bill even the locals, where phenomenal musicians in every way shape and form. Summer Slaughter Tours are always known for having the heaviest, fastest and most aggressive bands on the planet! Just to name a few we had – Oceano,The Faceless , Dying Fetus and The Black Dahlia Murders as the main acts. If you’re not familiar with these bands or if you’re into extreme metal I highly recommend checking them out because they will flat out blow your mind. Hearing bands with such ridiculous skill on a recording is one thing, but seeing them live is another animal, indeed! Surprisingly these bands sounded just like the actual album recording. That’s incredibly impressive! Overall the show was simply fantastic, great sound, great music and lots of thrashing.

Review and photos by Richard Fisher.