Steel Panther – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – March 24th 2022

Live Nation and The Fillmore Minneapolis presents Steel Panther.

This was concert number 5 out of 6 this week. Tonight it is Steel Panther!!

I’ve been to Manny Steel Panthers shows and this one was no different than any other. The show has was supposed to have an opener but the something happened where they were stuck in the snow or the bus broke down or something, the band joked about it on stage but we all were not really sure the reason why they weren’t there. Hopefully everything was ok with the bus and the band.
 Steel panther came on and they started early so we got an extra 20 minutes of the band which was just fine with us. The show is always a good time. There are many reasons to go to their shows. Mostly is it’s a good time. They want to bring back the vibe of the 80’s heavy metal scene. They also do a fantastic job at it. Their songs could be huge hits in that time but they take the lyrics to another level. Definitely R / X rated fun but that is what it is FUN. They opened up with Eyes Of A Panther which has been a typical opener for a while. Then right into Tomorrow Night and Asian Hooker. They also love to pull girls on stage with them and tonight was no different. During Party Like TOmorrow’s The End of the World they pull on stage a girl from town who was in their video. Then another girl gets up for Wennie Ride, then after that the stage explodes with all the girls for 17 Girls in A Row. Check out the photos if you were there, you might be in them.Satchels guitar solo is pretty amazing. He also does the guitar player on the drums gimmick, pretty neat to see. The bands set list has been the same for a while I really miss them playing the Shocker. Seems that should be a staple in their set.
Another interesting thing about this show is it was the first in town for Ricky thrash the bass player who replaced Lexi. Now Ricky is a different person than Lexi and Lexi had his own thing but Ricky thrash fits right in with the band. It also seemed that most of the girls were very excited to see the newest member of the band. Of course they close out with death to all But Metal and Gloryhole.
 Steel panther is always an awesome night for rock ‘n’ roll and Heavy Metal. Know some of the people don’t get what they do they don’t like what they do they think they make fun of Heavy Metal. But that is far from it what they are doing a Space tribute to heavy metal in celebration of heavy metals of the way it should be. And remember death to all but metal.