Steel Panther – The Myth Maplewood MN – December 19th 2014

93X and The Myth present the 93x Girl Finale staring Steel Panther.

93x each year has an ultimate x girl competition to show off some of the hottest women in the twin cites. Hosted by Pablo from the station it is a hit
every year. First the girls come out to see everyone and show off the bikini’s.
Like a Storm opens the show. I was on assignment for the station so only heard a bit. Most of the girls watched the show and said it was great.
Looking forward to them when they open for Hellyeah in February.

The girls then come out to crown the new Ultimate xgirl. Congrats to Danielle for winning.
Steel Panther comes on shortly after they are done. This is my 4th Panther show in 4 weeks so excited to see how it stacks up to the other ones.
Two were opening for Judas Priest and the other was in a small bar called the Tomahawk in Austin Texas.
Opening with Pussywhipped off the new album All You Can Eat. The show is packed, tons of hot girls up front, lots of people dressed up, beer and drinks flowing, Steel Panther
totally knows how to throw a party. With a headlining show they of course get more time which means more tunes and comedy. These guys play off each other so well.
Each show is a mix of bands antics and ripping on each other. The new par tin the show is the hair solo by Lexxi Foxx. HE gets in the center and Satchel and Michael blow on his hair. So great.
The songs added to this show that are different from the last few shows, Tomorrow Night, Gang Bang at the Old Folks Home, If I Was King and the new holiday classic The Stocking Song.
The encore has the band pulling every girl close enough to get on stage with them. Another great show by Steel Panther, excited to see what 2015 has in store for them.