Steel Panther – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN December 17th 2013

First Avenue and 93X presents Steel Panther.

Steel Panther sells out everywhere they go and tonight is no different.  On this freezing cold evening the Spreading the Disease tour hits Minneapolis.

Having toured the globe for the past few years they have perfected the art of classic heavy metal, with their own vulgar twist on the genre.  What Steel Panther does is bring us back to a time when heavy metal ruled the world and make it that much dirtier.  This band is not for the easily offended.

They began as Metal Skool, later evolving into Steel Panther. The band plays the House of Blues in Los Angeles, as well as Las Vegas every week when not touring around the country, which not only kept their fans happy, but helped them draw in many more.

The night consists of a set from their first two records.  The crowd dresses for the event, which is not uncommon at a Steel Panther show.  Due to their style of music, the 80’s look is most common, filled with leather, lace, bright colors, big hair, and more.  At the First Avenue show, a man dressed in a gladiator costume can even be seen, which surprises no one.

A highlight of the event is when a birthday girl got to go on stage and have Michael Starr sign to her.  Girls on stage at a Steel Panther show is not a rarity, in fact, it is something that will be seen at every one.  Despite the downright vulgar, and what some may consider sexist, tone of the songs, all the girls take it in stride and have as much fun with it as any of the men in the crowd.  It’s one of the many aspects that make a Steel Panther show great.  Everyone is there to have fun.  So it was of no surprise that at the end of the show they had over thirty girls on stage dancing.


 Eyes of a Panther – Tomorrow Night – Asian Hooker – Just Like Tiger Woods – Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World – Let Me Cum In – Guitar Solo – Turn Out the Lights – Glory Hole – Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’ – Weenie Ride – It Won’t Suck Itself – Death to All but Metal – Community Property – Party All Day (Fuck All Night) – 17 Girls in a Row