Soul Asylum – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – December 27th 2019

Photo by; Tommy Sommers (

Soul Asylum @ First Avenue 12/27/19 w/ special guests Local H and Porcupine

Review and photos by Tommy Sommers

 Last night was the annual holiday Soul Asylum show at First Avenue even though its not official. I have been attending this show for many years and its always fun to see familiar faces and connect with old friends. This is the show that brings out a lot of the First Avenue regulars from years gone by.

 This years opener was Porcupine featuring Greg Norton from Husker Du. It must be fun for him to revisit the past and play the main room now and again. The band is a solid three piece with catchy songs. They fit the bill perfectly and are in the classic vein of the type of bands that First Avenue loves to book. They were formed in 2006 and have continued to gain momentum. You can find their music online.

 Local H was the band that most people were there to see that night. Almost more so then the headliners. Which was a surprise for me because I had never heard of Local H. But I came to realize I knew several of there songs including “Bound For The Floor” and “High Fiving MF”. They were great and more like a metal band disguised as hipsters. I completely see why people like them so much. The most amazing thing is how only 2 guys can make such a full sound.

 Headliners Soul Asylum did what they came to do, entertain the faithful. My guess is that most who attended last night have been following the band for a very long time. They played all the hits including “Black Gold”, “Runaway Train” and “Somebody To Shove”. But they played some newer material that seemed to go over well too. I wonder though if there are some that show up hoping for some of the really early songs? All the way back to Loud Fast Rules. They seem to mix it up a bit every year. The musicianship is always top notch with this and they are a lot of fun to watch.