Slash feat Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators – Mystic Showroom – Prior Lake MN – February 25th 2022

Mystic Showroom presents Slash feat Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Opening the show tonight is Plush. A group of girls bringing back rock n roll. For being only 18-21 you would think they are seasoned veterans. The band is Moriha Formica on lead vocals and guitar – Bella Perron on lead guitar – Ashley Suppa on Bass and Brooke C on drums. They had a smaller set all songs from their debut self titled album and 1 cover Barracuda from Heart. I would describe the band as Joan Jett meets Stevie nicks meets Hole. A roaring mesh of all kinds of rock n roll. They did a great job of warming the crowd up for Slash. I look forward to what they are gonna come out with in the future. For all things PLUSH click on their name.

Setlist – Athena – Champion – Sober – Better Off Alone – Barracuda – I Don’t Care – Hate

To be living in the time that we are, I would consider us very lucky. Music is my life and has given me more then I could ever ask for. I find it very luck I have gotten to see so many legends since the time of going to concerts since 83. Tonight we got to see a living legend in Slash. He is one of the best that there has ever been on guitar. So I did cheat and checked out the setlist before I went. I just saw GNR twice last year and wanted to see if he was doing any GNR tunes tonight. To my surprise he was not. But that makes sense also, he has enough of a catalog with his solo band to do his own sets. So just be prepared if you are going to show expecting GNR.

We got six tunes from his latest release 4. The new album came out not even a month ago on February 11th. It stays right in vain with the last 3 Slash and the Conspirators earlier releases. Miles voice fits his style of music perfectly. He also treated us with a Slash’s Snakepit song, Speed Parade. I love this tune. Was so surprised he did it. I wish he would mix more of those tunes in with the setlist. That album is fantastic. He also threw in Back From Cali, Doctor Alibi with Todd Kerns on vocals and Nothing to Say all from his 2009 solo release. These older songs being thrown in are great. If you have not taken the time to listen to them recently go grab your portable cd played and get some headphones and give them another spin. He has so much good music. They also played Elton John’s Rocket Man and Lenny Kravitz Always on the Run. A nice surprise. Of course his solo and solos are the highlight od the evening. He plays the guitar like he is walking. It looks so easy. This was an amazing night of just straight up rock n roll. Click SLASH for all info on Slash and tour dates.

Setlist – Driving Rain – My Antidote – Shots Fired – Serve your Right – Back From Cali – Spirit Love – the River is Rising – Whatever Gets You By – Always on the Run – Standing in the Sun – Speed Parade – Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Fill My World – The One You Loved is Gone – Call of the Dogs – Doctor Alibi – Rocket Man – Nothing to Say – Your a Lie – World on Fire – Anastasia