Sixx A.M. – Mill City Nights Minneapolis MN 4/19/2015

Sixx AM is playing Mill City Night is Minneapolis on April 19, 2015 and fans of the band and Nikki Sixx alike are flocking to the club for a great Sunday night show.  The band is a product of Nikki Sixx, created in 2007 as a side project of Sixx‘s, who came to fame as the bassist of the infamous Motley Crue.  The band itself is formed of James Michael on lead vocals, DJ Ashba,and Nikki Sixx, with the band name a mix of their last names.
The band is lucky in that they already have a built in fanbase of rabid Motley Crue fans that will see anything Nikki is a part of.  So not only is Mill City Nights packed with those people, but fans of Sixx AM as well, who have worked well to establish a name for themselves apart from simply Nikki’s name.  The show is a good combination of songs from their three studio albums, “The Herion Diaries”, “This is Gonna Hurt”, and “Modern Vintage”.  For a Sunday night, which usually have a tendency to end early at Mill City Nights, the show has a great set of seventeen songs.
There are two particular spots in the setlist that stood out for us.  One being a stellar cover of “Drive” by The Cars.  That song tends to get a lot of coverage by artists and it is always a treat, being a fantastic song to begin with.  And of course, “Life is Beautiful” always stands out in a Sixx AM concert, as it was their first single and gave us all an initial idea of what Nikki Sixx was capable outside of Motley Crue.  It’s a rather emotional song to begin with and is great to hear live.
Nikki Sixx has stated that Sixx AM will be back for another tour in 2016, so there is no doubt in our minds that the fanbase will dwindle.  The way it’s going, it will most likely grow and this band will grow all the more successful.