Rammstein – US Bank Stadium – Minneapolis MN – August 27th 2022

AED and US Bank Stadium present Rammstein

Photo by Brian Curski

Review by Tracy Hansen

“Even if you don’t know their music, you have to see the show.”

This seems to be the general consensus if you see a Rammstein show.  People often wonder why someone would see their show if they don’t speak English.  After all, what fun would it be if you can’t sing the songs?  The other side of this is people who don’t like heavy metal.  You’ll often times see people at Rammstein shows that aren’t even metal fans because their stage show is absolutely incredible.
I’ve been a fan of Rammstein since they released “Heirate Mich” and “Rammstein” on the “Lost Highway” soundtrack back in 1997.  Being a German speaker and big metal fan, they are always so much fun to listen to.  The strange thing about seeing them in a non German speaking country is that not as many people sing along.  You’ll get those people, myself included, that are big into getting to sing along, but others that have no idea what is going on.  To make up for that, Rammstein brings their absolute A game when it comes to a stage setup.
When it comes to stages, I have never seen anything like the kind of stage show they bring.  I’ve talked to people in the music industry that work this stuff and even they are amazed at them every time.  To say they used pyro is a complete understatement.  If you show video of them to someone who has never seen them, you are guaranteed a gasp or twelve.
This show was postponed twice due to all of the favorite of all the years, 2020.  Needless to say, people were excited. The overall feel of the audience was amazing.  I was in the Feuer Zone up front and I think I’ve been on the floor at a metal show maybe twice in my life.  So I was nervous.  But everyone was cool.  There was only one guy who barreled through everyone and after knocking a few people down, he wasn’t exactly well received.  Due to being up so close, I can’t give an accurate review of sound.  I know that US Bank Stadium is known for not having the best of the sound, but I can’t tell it being that close.
This was my first time ever being at US Bank Stadium.  I enjoyed it, but the place was a total maze getting out of it.  I was really glad that I had people to follow on my way out because I would have had no idea where I was.  It felt like the area of a mall behind the stores.  People behind me were yelling, “Where are we?” especially when we went through all the tunnels and up multiple flights of stairs.  I highly recommend having a meetup spot if you are going with someone.  Drinks are spendy, but good. I rarely get drinks short of water at a show due to how expensive they are, but last night was a special occasion.  So it was time for doubles.  The people at concessions were really nice, which always makes the night even better.
The major takeaway to this show is that even if something isn’t in your particular wheelhouse, give it a chance.  You never know what you are missing if you don’t give it a try