Puscifer – Northrop Auditorium – Minneapolis MN – March 23rd 2106

JamFirst Avenue and The Northrop present Puscifer.

Round 2 of the Money Shot tour comes to our town tonight.

Luchafer open’s the show tonight. A wrestling match. Way cool. The whole show is themed around a wrestling match and 70’s sci-fi movies.

Match is a good 30 minutes and then a small turn over to Puscifer. We thought Maynard may be in there somewhere but he was not.

Puscifer is Maynard on Vocals – Carina Round on vocals – Mat Mitchell on guitar – Jeff Friedl on Drums – Mahsa Zargaran on keyboards, vocals and guitar and Paul Barker on bass, newest and from Ministry fame.

Stage set up was interesting. The drummer right out front, Maynard and Carina in a wrestling ring behind him, bass and guitar stage right, keyboards stage left. Also on both sides o fthe stage were bleacher seats for the wrestlers of Luchafer to hang out on, dance and every once in a while run around the stage and fight.

A ver interesting concept for a show and very entertaining. I love wrestling.

Huge video screens provide and variety of photos fo the band and 70’s sci-fi related movies. I knew that chick was gonna shoot lasers out of her boobs.

There are 4 acts in the show. Each having a different video light theme. We this evening right before the third act the house lights go on with flashing lights everywhere. Then we hear it, sirens and directions to leave the building. Someone pulled the fire alarm. After 30 minutes outside and hearing “What a buzz kill” – “Man Maynard has to be pissed” over and over, it was nice to get back inside.

Thanks to the MPLS Fire department and police for their quick and safe evacuation and protection.

Act four and the encore was left after we got back inside. Over all a great evening for music with a classic interruption of to much smoke or an angry patron that got kicked out.

Act 1 – Simultaneous – Galileo – Agostina – Act 2 –  Vagina Mode – Horizons – The Arsonist – The Remedy – Act 3 – Life of Brian – Rev 22:20 – The Rapture – The Breathe (fire alarm goes off)

Act 4 – Toma – Telling Ghosts – Flippant – Conditions of my Parole – Money Shot – Man Overboard Encore – The Humbling River – Autumn.