Prima Donna Concert Preview Interview 9/1/2013


Prima Donna is opening for Adam Ant at Mill City Nights on 9/1/2013.

With their third release Bless This Mess out now, we got the privilege to interview the band before the show.

Hello guys. Kyle Hansen here from

1013 – I love the record. Rock N Roll needs a good groove. I hear a lot of classic rock in the album. Who are your main influences?

Prima Donna – Too many to mention. Animals, Stooges, Prince, Eddie Cochran, Generation X,  Sonics, Cars, Slade, Go Go’s etc.

1013 – With Bless This Mess being your third release, do you find recording a chore or getting more fun as your band gets more established?

PD – It’s getting to be fun. We’ve worked with some of the best engineers & producers around. I’ll always prefer the stage though. 

1013 – How was it recording in Green Day’s studio Jingletown Recorders with Chris Dugan?

PD – He’s an incredible engineer. Jingletown is full of rad vintage gear and he knew how to get the perfect sound out of everything. As a producer he pushed us to new heights, things we didn’t know we were capable of.

1013 – What do you think of the current state of the music business right now?

PD – Well, we’ve always been on an independent label – Acetate Records. So, as far as I’m concerned, things are real cool. 

1013 – What other bands have you been listening to that are current?

PD – Semi Precious Weapons, Seven Dead and Billy Bones.

1013 – How has the tour with Adam Ant been?

PD – Like a wet dream. Ant fans are wildly supportive. After we’re done getting off, we get to watch Adam and the Posse kill it every night. It’s like having my cake and eating it too.

1013 – What are you looking forward to most on your tour with Adam Ant?

PD – Making new fans so we can come back real soon. 

1013 – Do you find a certain area of the country or world gets your music more?

PD – Our music is spreading like a disease! Everybody’s starting to come around, but Italy and Germany really got it first. 

1013 – You have done over 466 shows since 2004. What do you find gets easier and harder when out on tour?

PD – As of today, we’ve done 652 shows. Being away from home for long periods of time, that gets easier. Staying away from alcohol, that’s hard…seemingly impossible.

1013 – What surprises do you have for the show in Minneapolis on September 1st?

PD – Ha! Let’s just say we’ll give you a sweaty good time.

Photo Credit: Dawn Laureen


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