The Pretty Reckless – Varsity Theater – October 23, 2013


Written by Tracy Hansen.  Photography by Kyle Hansen at RKH Images.

When people think of actors becoming musicians, the concept is often left with a sour taste in one’s mouth.  More times than not, people try to make that crossover and it simply does not work.  Taylor Momsen is one of the rarities that managed to succeed well within both industries, but more importantly, the musical one in which she takes to heart.  It was evident to all who were at the Varsity Theater on October 23, 2013.

The Pretty Reckless is an interesting band in that they are very different than those of today with a female lead of her age.  She is certainly no pop princess, rather, an edgy rocker who lives by her own rules.  Her look and sound seems to be a mix of Courtney Love, Lita Ford, and Deborah Harry with extreme gothic makeup.  Her onstage antics are very physical in nature, as she spends a large amount of the time dancing and interacting with her fans.

Their set began with “Follow Me Down” a new track from the album being promoted, “Going to Hell”.  The remainder of the show was filled with various tracks from the past, including, “Hit Me Like a Man”, “Make Me Want to Die”, “Cold Blooded”, and more.  “Fucked Up World” and “Just Tonight” ended the show as encores.

The theater seemed the perfect setting for such a show.  With the style of music of the band and Taylor’s overall look, the Varsity Theater gave a special over gothic ambiance.  The crowd is an interesting mix of ages as well as many men and women.  There are clearly a large amount of fans from Taylor’s acting days there, but many following her musical career as well.  Even for those who are not familiar with her music, it was a very fun show.  Taylor makes for a great front runner of the band and works the audience incredibly well.