Phil Collins – Target Center – Minneapolis MN – October 21st 2018

Live Nation and Target Center present Phill Collins Not Dead Yet Tour.

It has been 26 years since Phil has been in town. When the tour was announced this was one I really wanted to see. When he retired years ago I figured we would not see Phil again. Well never say never.

Phil came out with the help of a cane from recent back surgery and foot problems. He sat the whole show but it did not matter.

Phil is on of the top selling solo artists in history. He stated the only reason touring is he missed us. Well we missed you too.

Against All Odds opened the show and it just got better from there. Now being a casual fan I was there to see him and hear the hits.

He played mostly everything in hits you would want to hear. I was really hoping for That’s All and Abacab but no go.

That is alright cause the show was so much fun. I never imagined seeing Phil, being the metalhead I am.

The band was huge and made the show so good. Horns, back up signers, 2 drummers one being Phil’s 17 year old kid.

Yes 17! Daryl on guitar who played with Genesis for years. So keeping it in the family is Phil’s motto. He also stated keeping it in the family you don’t have to pay him.

I believe he is paying him. He was amazing and at only 17 it will be exciting to see where the future takes him.

The stage tonight changed in several different phases. Mostly with a huge video screen in the center and the band below it. But when needed it would change for the song being played.

From stars in the sky to a rainbow backdrop, several video changes and so on.

In the Air Tonight is an ultimate classic and to hear it live was a pleasure. Never thought I would hear it live. There were so many people dancing and having such a good time.

So glad to see so many people were there to enjoy his music. After 26 years you never know what kind support is gonna come out.

There were also many of the songs I thought I would ever hear live. Get out and see Phil, it was so much fun.

Setlist – Against All Odds – Another Day in Paradise – I Missed Again – Hang in Long Enough – Throwing It All Away – Follow You Follow Me – Can’t Turn Back the Years – Who Said I Would – Separate Lives – You’ll Be In My Heart – Something Happened on the Way To Heaven – You Know What I Mean – In The Air Tonight – You Can’t Hurry Love – Dance Into The Night – Invisible Touch – Easy Lover – Sussido – Take Me Home

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen RKH Images