Pentatonix – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN – June 25th 2019

Pentatonix, Xcel Energy Center, Tuesday June 25th.

The first opening act was Citizen Queen, an a cappella group of five girls. They were well blended and displayed talent across the board from beatboxer to soprano. They were super sassy and owned stage covering their own original arrangement including an evolution of girl groups medley.

The next opener was Rachel Platten. She was so fun to watch and sounded just like her album. She was social and silly with the audience and made everyone feel included in her show. Rachel covered many of her newest songs and of course her biggest hit, Fight Song.

Pentatonix are truly talented. I’ve been in a cappella groups for years and I have learned many of their arrangements and I do say that it astounds me that they can make so much sound with only five voices. They did a wonderful job entertaining the audience all while displaying their beautiful songs. They covered a variety of songs including their famous YouTube hit videos like evolution of music and evolution of Ariana Grande. They performed a lot of their classic original songs that everyone loves like Aha,  Can’t Sleep Love and Sing. They did classic covers like Bohemian Rhapsody and closing the show with a polished performance of their cover of hallelujah. This concert made me feel all the great joyful concert feelings I love. They were silly and interactive with the crowd. The show was entertaining and displayed individual talent of each member. Mitch Grassi showed off his amazing high notes, Kristin Maldonado and Scott Hoying covered beautiful solos, Matt Sallee blew us away with his low notes and kept the base present , and Kevin Olusold showed his amazing cello/ beatboxing talent. Overall it was very impressive and such a happy enjoyable show!

Review Josie Sommers – Photos Tommy Sommers