Ozzy Osbourne – Treasure Island – Red Wing MN – August 11th 2017

Treasure Island Resort and Casino present Ozzy Osbourne.

TI has a new outdoor concert theater and my first trip to it is OZZY.

The new concert set up is great. It seats about fourteen to fifteen thousand at max capacity and tonight it had to be close. Tickets ranged from 25-100 bucks, depending on your budget. The twenty five dollar lawn seats were still a good view. If going it is an excellent option as the lawn seats are close enough to get  a good view.

After The End tour with Black Sabbath there is only one option left for the Ozzman, solo tour, and who not better to do it with than Zakk Wylde.

His tour band this time around is none other than Zakk’s own band for Zakk Sabbath. Has to be a huge honor for these guys to Back the one and only Ozzy.

They kicked things right off with Bark at the Moon. Me and this kid had a bet on what they would open with, I guess I won. I did tell him later I cheated and looked at the set list.

Ozzy was in a really good mood tonight and sounded great. The only hard time he had was with No More Tears and Shot in the Dark. A few cracks but still sounded good. He still does his trade mark back n forth but not as much as before. He even did his trade mark jump once. I am sure at 68 he does not want to jump around to much. I was worried right before the show about the water throwing. He loves to throw water on everyone. Well tonight he only threw out a water bottle. Thanks Ozzy did not feel like getting all wet on a summer night.

The band is incredible. Wether it’s Sabbath or Ozzy tunes, they have it down. It should be since they are playing with Zakk. He himself is a staple in the Oz universe. BLS, Zakk Sabbath, Pride & Glory or solo you can’t lose. Because he loves his fans he goes out in the crowd every guitar solo and it was not different tonight. He even does this with a huge cord not wireless, I feel for his roadies cause this can’t be easy. He was on fire as usual. The solo is during War Pigs so don’t go pee or get a beer then. We also get an amazing drum solo from Joey C. I love seeing that Ozzy took this band out and did not get some other dudes to fill in.

The whole night was a delight. The set list was a greatest hits Sabbath and solo, the band was amazing and Ozzy you were great. There are only a few dates left around the country. If you can get to one.

Thank you to Kevin Smith for the help on the whole night.

www.ozzy.com for more info and tickets.

Setlist – Bark at the Moon – Mr. Crowley – I Don’t Know – Fairies Wear Boots – Suicide Solution – No More Tears – War Pigs – Iron Man – Shot in the Dark – I Don’t Want to Change the World – Crazy Train – Mama I’m Coming Home – Paranoid.