Nur-D – The Amsterdam – St. Paul MN – March 31st 2023

First Avenue and The Amsterdam present Nur-D

Love was in the air on the last Friday of March at The Amsterdam. In spite of the surprise blizzard blowing outside, the venue was packed and warm with people there for Nur-D’s new album Crush. Pink hearts and cupids adorned the stage, the word “crush” displayed loudly on several screens.

Hosted by The Other Jeannie Retelle, the crowd was treated to some drag before the openers took the stage.

XINA was the first opener, and honestly I was entranced. Her dreamy vocals had me hanging on every word, her production was deep and hypnotic, and she accompanied her singing with evocative dancing that kept my eyes transfixed on the stage the entire performance. I’d highly recommend her if you like dreamy, floaty vibes.

Essjay TheAfrocentricRatchet was up next, bringing a different but also spectacular vibe. High energy performance with background dancers, multiple guest performers, and just general stellar stage presence, she brought the energy up.

The buildup to Nur-D entering the stage was perfect. The band came out, all in matching outfits (I love a group aesthetic), and did a lovely instrumental intro to everything. The party started before he even came out, but when he did, it was non-stop. Nur-D brings such a wonderful energy to his music and performance, and the band with him did the same. It was almost hard to focus because there were about 12 people on stage, all performing with such vivacity that I wanted to look at all of them the entire time.

His new album Crush celebrates all the ups and downs of love in all its forms. Self-love, platonic love, romantic love, heartbreak, new love; all of it represented in the most joyful concoction. It’s out now on most streaming services, and I highly recommend. You just might end up with a new crush of your own (I had to)!

Review and photos by Sophiea Owen