My Chemical Romance – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN – September 15th 2022

Live Nation and Xcel Energy Center present My Chemical Romance.

Photo gallery by Kyle Hansen

Review by Kaila Turck

I have seen a few sold out shows at Xcel before, however, I don’t think there was a single seat left open in that entire arena when My Chemical was playing. Almost ten years after My Chemical Romance announced their breakup, I was finally able to see them live again. My teenage self would have never thought I would see them again after hearing that. It has been an extremely long time since I had seen My Chemical Romance preform together live, so I was excited to say the least. Also, having to wait two years and two tours being rescheduled, I was finally seeing them. You could feel these same feelings throughout the crowd, as everyone had been waiting for this concert for what seemed like forever.
MCR had announced that they had been secretly working together as a band again since 2017 but didn’t broadcast anything until 2019. This is when the band announced that they were to have a reunion show in Los Angeles along with a new merch line. These tickets sold out within
four minutes. The band also sold out three concerts in England at the Stadium MK in June 2020, also within minutes. After the success of these shows is when MCR released a cryptic video on YouTube which ended stating they were to be going on an American tour. May 2022, the band released, “The Foundations of Decay”, their first song released since 2014. This single pretty much came out of nowhere, with no warning or teasers, not that I can remember anyways. But this did very well for MCR, as it got fans even more excited about the tour that was rescheduled two times from the COVID pandemic. The energy in the room was felt throughout the venue, every person was buzzing with anticipation and excitement, which creates such an awesome environment for a concert. While watching My Chemical Romance, it seemed as if practically no years had gone between them playing together and taking a break as a band. If you didn’t know who they were and had been seeing them for the first time, you would think that they would have never stopped playing or took a break. Each band member connects with one another when they take the stage, in which they each feed off each other, creating an energizing bond that the audience also feeds off. I hope My Chemical Romance will be going on tour more often again because they will always put on a show that you will not want to miss.