Mrs. Doubtfire – Orpheum Theater – Minneapolis MN – December 19th 2023

Hennipen Theater Trust and Orpheum Theater present Mrs Doubtfire

Review by Tracy Hansen

For those seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a touch of whimsy and heartfelt moments, “Mrs. Doubtfire: The Musical” at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis provides a mixed bag of emotions and entertainment. While the stage adaptation captures the essence of the beloved 1993 film, the musical elements might not resonate with all audience members, myself included.

For some perspective, the film this musical is based on was a huge part of my childhood.  Even prior to the film, I remember getting the book from the library and enjoying it enough to see them film.  I was ten years old when it was released, so when it was on VHS, we watched it at the house quite a bit.  So I had high expectations for this one.

The production boasts an exceptional cast.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in the shoes of a Robin Williams’ role. Rob McClure pulled it off, however.  The seamless transition between roles and the depth of emotion portrayed is commendable, providing a compelling anchor to the storyline.

However, where the show might divide opinions is in its musical composition. While the songs are executed with skill and enthusiasm by the talented cast, the music itself may not captivate everyone. The tunes, though catchy, might not leave a lasting impression or resonate deeply, lacking the standout numbers that often define memorable musicals.

Despite the musical aspect not entirely hitting the mark, the production compensates with its stellar performances, engaging storyline, and nostalgic appeal.  The charm of “Mrs. Doubtfire: The Musical” lies not just in its humor but in its exploration of family dynamics, love, and the lengths one goes to reunite with those they cherish. The touching moments are balanced with humor, creating an emotional rollercoaster that draws viewers into the heartfelt narrative.

In conclusion, “Mrs. Doubtfire: The Musical” at the Orpheum Theater offers a mixed bag of theatrical elements. While the musical aspect might not resonate universally, the exceptional performances and heartfelt storytelling make this production a worthwhile experience. There were a number of people literally asking, “Why do we need a musical of this?” after the show.