Moulin Rouge! The Musical – Orpheum Theatre – Minneapolis MN – May 20th 2022

Hennepin Theater Trust and The Orpheum Theatre presents Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Review by Amie Hansen

First two words: JUST GO! What a fun and wild ride worth the price of admission. As if you are transported through time and space to somewhere otherworldly yet so deeply familiar. Immediately you will become immersed in this place from the moment you walk through the theater door. For the next few hours you are not just a observer of this tale of truth, beauty, freedom and love but a full fledge member of the Moulin Rouge.

The set is magical and brings forth the sense of old Paris. The stage transforms seamlessly from inside the legendary cabaret to bohemian street life, starry night sky with a beautiful Eiffel Tower and even the glamor of fashionable high society. The lighting is perfection in both timing and dramatics. The set is just romance.

We cannot sing the praises of the entire cast enough! The challenge of costume, dance and song appeared effortless from each member (although we know it was not!) To name one as a standout would be missing the talent of a cast member that performed alongside and supported them…but if we must a favorite performance was by André Ward in the character of Toulouse-Lautrec. His humor and grandeur came through and filled each of his passionate scenes. Bravo to all!

In summary the show is romantic, sad, heroic and just some really good fun set to a mash up of iconic pop hits spanning the 70’s to today.  The artistry of arranging the score is the foundation to the entire performance and has been updated from the 2001 Baz Luhrmann motion picture it is based from. Buy the ticket, wear some dancing shoes and get ready to be dazzled.

It runs through June 5th CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS