MJ – The Orpheum Theater – MInneapolis MN – May 15th 2024

Hennepin Theater Trust presents MJ – The Musical

Review by Kyle Hansen

I grew up with Michael Jackson. The 70’s with the Jackson 5 the 80 and on with his solo stuff. So I will give you a fans review of the show. I do love Michael’s solo stuff. I am not a huge fan of the Jackson 5. When I grew up we would spend all summers at our cabin and I listened to the radio all the time. Off the Wall came out when I was 9 years old so radio was very important to me. I kept hearing the tunes on American Top 40 and loved them. They were laso included on every Ktel record I bought so that was another way I got to know who Michael Jackson was as a young kid. Then came Thriller. It is unreal how every house had a copy of Thriller. It was everywhere. When he had the video come out for Thriller I went to my buddies house who had cable to watch it. Not everyone had it. He actually had a big screen so it was so cool to watch it on it. He then became an icon and a household name. He was so big and after the American Music awards my friend and I sat in the basement to do the moonwalk until we perfected it. I can still do it. So anyway onto the play.

When Hennepin Theater Trust announced this show I was excited. I missed Michael live on the Bad tour in 88 cause it sold out three shows before I could get a ticket. As a concert guy I always wanted to see Michael live so this was gonna be special. So the play is based on Michael preparation for the Dangerous tour. Now as not one of his stronger albums it still was huge. So the musical is based all around the struggles of getting it going while the budget it running out and what they can do. While the play goes on Michael flashed back to growing up so you do get to see everything from the Jackson 5 to his solo beginnings. It does touch a lot on his pill usage throughout the play which was out of hand during that time. The acting, dancing and music is what makes this play, as it should.

This is a must see. Most people I know have gone twice. Do not miss this one.