You could say Day 6 at the Minnesota State Fair was a bit weird. The weather started out on the cool side, but developed into a really nice morning. Some unexpected dark clouds blew in – weird. It wasn’t long before they unleashed a nasty little storm complete with thunder and hail. The wind from the storm continued for most of the day making it feel like Fall a bit too early – weird!

Why not cap off the day with “Weird Al” Yankovic as the headlining act on the Grandstand stage. This was expected, anticipated and fantastic. Yankovic was backed by an orchestra, which was a nice touch and the inspiration behind the tours name “Strings Attached”. Yankovic enthusiastically performed many of his hits (some in medley form) and cued up one special song right away for this audience “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota”. As usual, the show was clever, funny, musical and just plain fun.

We also did make time to catch Aby Wolf, who was headlining the West End at Sunset Concert Series on the Shell’s Stage at Schilling Amphitheater. Wolf is another great member of the eclectic community of musicians that make up our thriving local scene.

Review and photos by Patrick Dunn