Lita Ford / Warrant – Treasure Island Resort & Casino – Welch MN – March 25th 2023

Treasure Island Resort & Casino presents Lita Ford and Warrant

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

It is always exciting when some of your favorites from growing up are in town. Before I went in I did spend some time in the casino checking everything out. I tis a cool vibe when rock bands are in town. Lots of deals at the bars, a ton of people playing the slots, all the tables were full and the parking lots were packed. It is also a Saturday night so that helps.

Lita Ford opened tonight’s show. I have seen her the last few times in town and she always is spot on. One of the reasons, besides her awesome voice and guitar playing, is her band. On drums is Bobby Rock. He has been in a ton of great bands but keep the beat going for Lita now. Patrick Kennison on guitar, who by the way make it look so easy. Marten Andersson on bass fulls in the rest. Remember the bass player is import. No matter who rips on them. So we all know Lita started with The Runaways and then had a solo career until 1996. Then there was a hiatus from touring. It was too long for us fans. But since 2008 she has been back and with a vengeance touring all over the world. So being this one of the many times in the past few years I had to look up how many times has she been here. She has been here 29 times in the states. In the 80’s she was in Minneapolis once in 88 and Duluth in 88. Every other time has been since 2009 and on. I love that she is making it all up. The band plays everything as it should be, rocking hard. They don’t mess around and change tempos and direction of songs, which some a bands like to do. They opened up with Gotta Let Go from Dancing on the Edge. She did all the hits and Cherry Bomb from The Runaways, The Bitch is Back from Elton. They just came out and rocked the house. One complaint. From us old school fans. I just would like to hear all original tunes. Skip the covers. I just wanna hear Out For Blood and Dressed to Kill one more time.

Setlist – Gotta Let Go – Larger Than Life – Relentless – Hungry – The Bitch is Back – Playin’ With Fire – Back to the Cave – Can’t Catch Me – Cherry Bomb – Black Leather – Only Women Bleed – Close My Eyes Forever – Kiss Me Deadly

Warrant had the pleasure of headlining tonight. I have a huge history with these guys. Back when Cherry Pie came out I worked at Down in the Valley a local record store and the promotion for it was huge. We hung out and partied with the band on so many occasions. I have signed posters and fliers and so much memorabilia from then it is crazy. I am glad that I got to experience it back then. They released their ninth studio album Louder Harder Faster in 2017. Joey has stated in recent interviews that the band is writing songs for a new album. Robert Mason has been on Vocal since 2008 and does the original album justice. His singing is different than Jani’s but he sings his heart out and makes the band fun to see. Erik, Joey and Steven were there tonight with Robbie Crane on bass. I could not find any news on why Jerry Dixon was not there. These guys still just bring it. Energy, fun. musicianship, everything. I love when bands just play wether there is 2000 or 50,000 people. Tonight there were seven songs from Cherry Pie and six from DRFSR. It is nice to see they know what we want and deliver it. PLus I was never a fan of their cover of Queen’s We Will Rock You. Glad that was not played. As I left I heard form everyone how great the show was. I also heard ton of people talking how they never saw either of the bands. So glad they are still here to entertain us. If they are in your town go.

Personal thanks to Paul from TI for the special treatment. It was much appreciated.

Setlist – So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against the Law) – Down Boys – Big Talk – You’re The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised – Blind Faith – DRFSR – Machine Gun – Sometimes She Cries – Train Train – Mr. Rainmaker – I Saw Red – Thin Disguise – Louder Harder Faster – Heaven – Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Cherry Pie