Lindsey Stirling – The Armory – Minneapolis MN – August 9th, 2021

Lindsey Stirling – The Armory – August 9th, 2021

Review and photos by Kate Klaus

The Armory in Minneapolis opened to live music again after over a year of shuttered doors, with a flourish of imagery, choreography, and the beautiful sounds of the multi-talented Lindsey Stirling.  The energy in the crowd was powerful, as for most, this was their first indoor concert experience since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.   As the show opened, the stage darkened and Lindsey appeared through a cloud of red smoke, with her violin’s deep tones echoing through the Armory.  A lively beat erupted, and the crowd burst into cheers as she took the stage, vibrant and full of energy and happiness. 

Lindsey’s performance was a brilliant display of intricate choreography, captivating imagery, and beautiful music.  Her performace of “Master of Tides” included a costumed parrot on her shoulder, a band of dancing pirates, and crowd interaction to determine the flow of the piece. Her heartfelt words to the crowd in between the music and dance brought the audience into a more intimate connection with her artistry, drawn from her life experiences, speaking about individuality, inclusion, and love.   She ended the night with a dazzling display of lights and sound that had the crowd on their feet.  As it was for many the first time to experience the connection and energy of an indoor music event in well over a year, it was sure to be one that they’ll never forget.  

“Don’t be afraid to be the only pirate at the party” – Lindsey Stirling