Lauv – The Armory – Minneapolis MN – August 11th 2022

The Armory and Live Nation present Lauv

Review and photos by Kaila Turck

Lauv brought his All 4 Nothing tour to The Armory in Minneapolis on Thursday, August 11 th ,
2022. Lauv is best known for his first hit “I Like Me Better”. It seems the artist is good at making
his ‘first’’. Lauv’s debut album, How I’m Feeling, which landed sixteenth on the Billboard 200
chart. The tour gets the name, All 4 Nothing, his second album title. Which was just released on
August 5 th , 2022. You can hear the influence he got from Owl City or Never Shout Never through
certain songs.

This was the first night of the second album titled tour, which was also Lauv’s first tour back
since Covid shut everything down for almost two years. You could tell that he had been waiting
to go back out on tour for a long time now through his excitement and performance. When a
performer or band is known for being a mix of pop, alternative pop, and electropop, you know
you are going to have a great time. Even if the music isn’t a person’s typical genre to listen to
you will go to one of his shows and dance, I guarantee it.

The crowd was so energetic that it felt throughout the Armory. The audience and Lauv reciprocated each other’s energies throughout
the entire show. I always love watching the audience react to the artist, especially the ones that
are seeing them for the first time. The way that music can bring people together and how we
connect to music is amazing, that’s why I love to witness it in person. The stage set-up and
lighting is also a whole show in itself, mesmerizing. Lauv brings a ton of energy to his shows and
puts his heart into his performance. If you are looking for a fun night to drink and dance, or just
dance, one of his concerts is sure to fit that bill.

1. 26
2. Kids Are Born Stars
3. Paris in the Rain
4. Chasing Fire
5. Stranger
6. Paranoid
7. Feelings
8. Drugs & The Internet
9. I'm So Tired…
(Lauv & Troye Sivan cover)
10. Stay Together
11. Molly in Mexico
12. Summer Nights
13. Time After Time
14. Easy Love
15. Tattoos Together
16. All 4 Nothing (I’m So in Love)
17. Hey Ari

18. Breathe
19. Modern Loneliness
20. Who
21. fuck, I’m lonely
22. Bad Trip
23. The Other
24. Never Not
25. I Like Me Better