Knotfest Roadshow – Fargodome – Fargo ND – March 16th 2022

Fargodome presents The Knotfest RoadshowSlipknotIn This MomentWage War

Opening night can always be exciting for the band and the fans. You are the first to get to see the new stage and see what it is all about. So I did look up the last time they played and it was at Welcome to Rockville. I was at this show so amazed to find out I saw two slipknot shows in a row. Now that last one is their own show we will get more Slipknot. Festival sets are always limited.

Tonight was the start of leg one of the 2022 Knotfest Roadshow. It was announced in January and the 60 days we all have been waiting for went by very quickly. We all had concerns in January if this would actually happen due to all the covid restrictions back then. Well with everything dropping we were all good to go. Now with that said said Jinjer was suppose to be on this leg of the tour but due to the war in their homeland they are back supporting their country. So we got Wage War to open. These guys are a massive metal onslaught in your face. With a simple set up of just their gear they warmed up the crowd in a great way. Click thier name above for more info on the band.

In this Moment was up next. Having seen them many times I always look forward to their shows. They opened with Fly Like An Eagle the Steve Miller cover band. Maria the lead singer always has a perch she stands on and has a couple dancers with her to help out on the show. This has been a stage pf hers since they started. The band is then around her throughout the show. The band sounded amazing tonight but the bummer is they only got 7 songs. It was scheduled for 60 minutes, so I was surprised when they played Whore 45 minutes in. That is always the last song. I really wish they would have played longer. Not sure if there were technical difficulties or that was all that got. Any way it is always awesome to see them. Click their name up above for more info on In This Moment.

Setlist – Fly Like An Eagle – The IN-Between – Sick Like Me – Blood – Big Bad Wolf – Adrenalize – Whore

Slipknot fans are one of the best. The crowd watching tonight was great. They all pulled out their best masks and ols Slipknot garb. They are on e of those bands that their shorts are everywhere when you go see the, When we got there the line was around the building to get in to the GA floor. Then inside the line to the merch booth went all the way around the arena. I hope they have a few semis of stuff for the tour. As the intro songs started you could tell after not many shows in the last two years everyone was ready for this. Now usually when the curtain is hung before the stage it drops and several people grab it and throw it in a crate. Well Slipknot sucks it up into the top of the stage. Quite amazing to see. I know it is a simple trick but no else does it. The band came out blazing with Disasterpiece! The stage was pretty much the same as the Welcome to Rockville stage but is awesome. Big enough to spread them all out and is huge. Big light panels on the top, on the main stage in the back, surrounding the drums on each side. It is really cool what stage production can do with led lights and panels now.

Corey Taylor is one amazing singer. He has solo projects, acoustic and full band, Stone Sour and the main gig Slipknot. He has been inflected by pretty much everyone I listened to so it is interesting to see how music influences other people. I would never have thought to go in a heavier direction as he did. I have had a lot of respect for him for years for doing so much with his time. It ususaly has cycles Slipknot – Stone Sour – solo – Slipknot and so on. Right now they are in a Slipknot schedule with anew album to come out soon.Looking forward to that for sure.

After a couple of chaotic songs Corey addressed the crowd welcoming them to the opening night of the tour. Stating we are gonna get a full show and deep cuts and all the hits. Ripping right into Sulfur from the All Hope is Gone album. This is a very rarely played song so that was cool to hear. Since it was Sulfur we also got a bunch of pyro during the songs. This lasts all night. Also with a spectical of lights and insane metal. They also pulled out Dead Memories not played since 2016 and Snuff which they have not played since 2012. This is a show that every metal head should see. Slipknot is not for the faint just so you know. But if you are up for an amazing 2 hour show 20 song set of hits, deep cuts and Slipknot staples GO!! Click the links above for info on the tour and Slipknot.

Setlist – Disasterpiece – Wait and Bleed – Sulfur – Before I Forget – The Chapeltown Rag – Dead Memories – Unsainted – The Heretic Anthem – Psychosocial – The Devil in I – Solway Firth – All Out Life – Snuff – Vermillion – Duality – Custler – Spit It Out – People = Shit – (sic) – Surfacing