Judas Priest – The Armory – Minneapolis MN – September 23rd 2021

The Armory93x presents Judas Priest with special guests Sabaton

We all have been looking forward to tonights show for quite a while. I first saw Judas Priest open for Kiss in 1979, I had just turned 10 and all I wanted was to see KISS. As Priest played back then I walked out cause it was so damn loud and all the guy did was scream. Funny 3 years later they were my number one band. I have seen ever tour since 1984. The Priest will be back and tonight is the night.

Sabaton is a local favorite and I was introduced to them by a friend at work years ago and I loved them right off the bat. Tonight was the first time back in two years. We all know why so not gonna explain why. The crowd started chanting Sabaton before the lights even went out. They ripped up the Armory from the get go. They have released Steel Commanders single and it should be on the new album The War to end All Wars. So it is safe to say they are still in support of The war to End All Wars album. The new song is included in the set so if a fan you will hear it live. The band is a power metal band from Sweden which fits all us Norwegian / Swedish metal heads here in the midwest. They were in such great spirits tonight and even call this the best show of the tour. Smiles all night, sticking pics on lead singer Jocke, giving away his sun glasses to a kid in the crowd, then the crowd chanted his name, pics for the kids up front just an overall awesome presence on stage. Oh then there was the music. If you like power metal and a melodic sound and like to sing along, this is it. Moist songs are about war and have are heavy. Check out Sabaton HERE for info, merch and tour dates. You will love these guys.

Right before the Priest go on at every show is the war chant. They play War Pigs and everyone sings along. Maiden has Doctor Doctor and Priest has Sabbath. The stage starts with the Priest cross being raised to the top of the stage in red with lights coming out of it. The setlist was heavy on Painkiller tonight playing four songs from the album. Opening with One Shot at Glory, A Touch of Evil – personal favorite – Hell Patrol and of course Painkiller. They pulled Blood Red Skies from Ram it Down, an ignored album in my opinion, which is cool. The highlight for all of old school fans was them pulling Rocka Rolla for the first time since 1978. Invader made the set also. Since this is a celebration of 50 years of the Priest they had to include some surprises. Of course all the classics are there, Hell Bent for Leather, Breaking the Law, The Hellion/Electric Eye, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, Turbo Lover, Victim of Changes and Living After Midnight and more.

The stage is a massive industrial machine. It look like your are actually in a factory in Birmingham steel mill. All sort of barrels on the sides, massive video screen in the back and wait until the end for the bull. The band is absolutely incredible. Scott Travis on drums has been and is always a monster, with the beast Ian Hill backing him up. Richie has pretty much taken over as the lead guitar player since Glen retired from touring and Andy Sneep stepping in for the past couple of tours for the lead guitar duo. Now Rob. Well Rob Halford is one of the most recognizable lead singers in heavy metal and i 70 years old. Now, does he sound like the 30 year old Rob? no. Does he sound great, YES. He hit notes that I did not think he could. Overall the performance is amazing. The music alone is worth the price of the ticket. But then you also get Sabaton and. a huge stage show. This tour is a must. Click HERE for info on Priest and the tour.