Judas Priest – The Armory – Minneapolis MN – May 2nd 2024

Live NationThe Armory93x and KQRS present Judas Priest

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

So this week has been not much for me. I have been sick since Sunday laying bed or the couch. I just wanted to make sure I was ready to go for Priest and my next week which is full. Thankfully I felt way better one Thursday for the show. So I met my buddy on the street of Minneapolis, we lucked out and got some street parking. Always great to find that so it doesn’t cost you 30 bucks in a lot. The event parking has gotten a little out of control around the city. 2 bucks on the street tonight!

So we work our way into the venue and see almost 20 people we know just on the outside. The Armory is a great place to see a show. The bars are all along the venue with at least 60 bartenders so it always easy to get what ever your taste buds want. So opening tonight is Sabaton. These guys are amazing. A Swedish power metal band that are in support of their latest release The War to End All Wars. They are all about bringing the metal right to you and tonight is just the same. The thing that amazed me was the amount of Sabaton shirts in the crowd. The thing with metal shows is to show your support of your favorite band. Yes lots of Priest shirts but Sabaton made a good run. Their set had songs from all of their albums which was great cause I thought they were gonna keep it to the new album since it was a surprise to hear some older stuff. As always the band was amazing. The crowds reception was amazing. They had all the fans rocking throughout the set.

I have grown up with Judas Priest. It is amazing that we are all still here banging our heads with them. I first saw them in 1979 opening for KISS on the Dynasty tour. All I remember is Rob screaming, him with a bottle and a motorcycle. Little did I know in two years Screaming for Vengeance would come out and we would be bugging my friend brother to take us to the tour with Iron Maiden and Axe. He did not take us. Then in 1984 for the Defenders of the Faith tour we did get my sister to bring us. We ran up to the front row during the encore and got to see three songs up front. Rob even pointed at us during Another Thing Coming. I have seen every tour since, gone to festivals cause they were there, and are my number one road trip band. So to say I was excited is an understatement.

So that being said I love the new album Invisible Shield. I love the songs and the depth it has. I do like Firepower but I fins the album has more songs that are different and more of the old Priest style. They included Panic Attack, Invisible Shield and Crown of Horns. Now of course got all the classics also but we did get some deep tracks too, Love Bites, Sinner, Devil’s Child and Saints in Hell. So cool to hear those tunes live. Now the band was always known for their dueling guitars from KK and Glen. Now we all know why they are not both in  band but Richie Faulkner is a beast and Andy Sneap, who also produced the last two albums fills in great. Now lets talk about Rob Halford. It is absolutely amazing that he can sing the way he does at 72. Painkiller, Victim of Changes are two of the highlights of the set and Rob hit every note. He was so amazing tonight. Not that I had any doubts it is just so cool to see them live one more time. I really hope the Priest will be back.