Jinjer – Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – November 3rd 2022

Live Nation and 93x present Jinjer

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Metalheads in Minneapolis were in for a treat as Jinger, the progressive metal sensation from Ukraine, took over The Fillmore.  This was a performance that ignited the stage and enthralled the crowd. On a crisp evening in Minneapolis, the venue buzzed with anticipation as fans gathered to witness one of metal’s rising stars in action.

The Fillmore’s intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for Jinger’s complex and emotive soundscapes. As the lights dimmed and the first chords resonated through the venue, it was clear that this would be a night to remember.

Fronted by the dynamic vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk, Jinger delivered a blistering set that showcased their technical prowess and emotional depth. From the thunderous rhythms of “Sit Stay Roll Over” to the haunting melodies of “Pisces,” each song was met with enthusiastic cheers and headbanging approval from the audience.

The band’s chemistry on stage was palpable, with guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov, bassist Eugene Abdukhanov, and drummer Vladislav Ulasevich seamlessly blending their talents to create a sonic landscape that was both fierce and melodic. Tatiana’s vocals soared effortlessly from guttural growls to soaring cleans, captivating the crowd with every lyric.

The Fillmore’s state-of-the-art sound system ensured that every intricate detail of Jinger’s music was crystal clear, enhancing the experience for fans who reveled in the band’s technical precision and emotive storytelling.

Throughout the evening, Jinger engaged with their audience, sharing anecdotes and expressing gratitude for their support. The band’s genuine appreciation for their fans was evident, creating a sense of camaraderie that resonated throughout the venue.

As the set drew to a close with the anthemic “Cloud Factory,” the crowd erupted into a frenzy of applause and cheers, demanding an encore. Jinger returned to the stage for a final, electrifying performance, leaving their mark on Minneapolis with an unforgettable night of metal mastery.

For those fortunate enough to attend, Jinger’s performance at The Fillmore was more than just a concert—it was a visceral journey through the depths of progressive metal, showcasing the band’s evolution and undeniable talent. As fans exited The Fillmore, buzzing with excitement and adrenaline, they knew they had witnessed something special. Jinger had not only rocked Minneapolis—they had left an indelible impression on everyone lucky enough to be there.