Jill Scott – The Fillmore – Minneapolis, MN – February 25th, 2020

The Fillmore and Live Nation presents Jill Scott

 Review and photos by Sophiea Owen

Jill Scott came to the newly opened Fillmore in Minneapolis on February 25th. She has been a performer for over 20 years, and she was celebrating the anniversary of her debut album “Who Is Jill Scott?” with her tour of the same name.

She had no opener, but there was a DJ playing from when doors opened to right before her set. Half of the floor was seating, and the other half was standing GA, as well as the balcony. The whole place was bustling with people having drinks, talking, and just generally having a raucous time before the music even started.

When things finally got started, people were screaming and raising drinks. The lights went low, and these dramatic and cinematic synths started creeping up, growing louder and louder. Suddenly, the drummer started in with a whopping rhythm, and everyone went riot. Her full band entered the stage; three backup singers, two drummers with their own drum setups, brass players, guitars, the whole shebang. It was a full-piece band.

Finally Jill herself came onstage in huge heels, sparkly sequin pantsuit, and crown-like headpiece. She was a force to be reckoned with almost immediately. She was the spirit of R&B gracing that stage. Her and the band’s connectedness was apparent as they played their way through the album, Jill accompanying most with saucy and interesting anecdotes. She drank wine on stage and raised her glass multiple times to the audience, who responded in turn. It felt almost like church, there was so much of a call-and-response vibe to everything, with the whole audience acknowledging all of her words with applause and shouts of confirmation. It was definitely a musical experience, with dancers and lights and tight musicians, but there was something else there as well. It felt like a big family just having a good time together. Jill Scott’s been doing this for a very long time, and it felt like it.