Jelly Roll – Rock Fest – Cadott WI – July 16th 2022

Jelly Roll live at Rock Fest in Cadott Wisconsin July 16th 2022

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Jelly Roll had the biggest buzz all weekend. All I heard about was Jelly Roll from everyone. So while I had a break I checked him out before his show. He has this southern rock gangsta rap country feel. Take all those and put them in a blender and this is what you get with Jelly Roll. So I had a pit tickets for the weekend and decided to go up front and check him out. The band came on first and got warmed up and then after a couple of minutes Jelly Roll came out to the roar of the crowd. He started with a rock rap tune called Only. He then went into Creature and Same Asshole. He called himself a hillbilly redneck pot smoking music for the white trash middle class rock n roll hip hoppers or something like that. He went fast so I missed exactly what is was but I got the message. Talked about his life growing up and how all his influences in his life has formed his music. It all totally fit. He also said he has a number one on country radio and rock radio at the same time right now.

His stage was so fun. There was fire and stream blasting the while time. The band never stood still running all over the stage. Plus they did not ignore the cat walks. A lot of people don’t go out on them and it is a real bummer to fans in the pit. He then brought out Danny Case and Matt Brandyberry of From Ashes to New to join him for Sweet Dream / Lose Yourself and Ms Jackson medley. This got the crowd in a frenzy. Dead Man Walking and Save me closed out the set. Before he did those he did do some house cleaning and anyone who had a sign thanking him for his music for many different reasons he told his crew to bring them backstage so he could sign them in person. They did just that. He also informed us this was the largest crowd to see him perform and he was all smiles the whole show. I loved when he made the guitar played chug some Jameson and play a guitar solo. This show was one of those that you watch and you know you are seeing something really special. It like a movement in music you didn’t expect. Plus he had a lot of the other artists watching sidestage. 

The reason I am giving him a separate review is because he stole ROCK FEST. I had only heard a little bit before the show and now I am a huge fan. I instantly went to his page to see where the rest of the tour dates were and nothing close. But then this morning they just announce a show at The Armory in Minneapolis on November 17th with Koe Wetzel. YES. Thank you Jelly Roll for introducing us to your music. Looking forward to November.

Click here for info on THE ARMORY SHOW

Setlist – Only – Creature – Same Asshole – Son of A Sinner – Smoking Section – Fall in the Fall – Sweet Dreams / Lose Yourself – Ms Jackson with From Ashes to New – Dead Man Walking – Save Me