Iron Maiden – Pinnacle Center – Lincoln NB – July 9th 2017

Pinnacle Center presents Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls tour with special guests Ghost.

This is my 4th show on the Book of Souls tour. This time around we decided to do VIP Trooper upgrade.

We got into the arena early, had free open shopping experience, excellent food and a couple trooper beers. Along with all that we got a bag of swag.

Also with the VIP Trooper upgrade you have a chance to win a signed drum head and a pair of Edphones signed by Steve Harris. We cam close but no cigar.

First in at Maiden shows are the fans that get picked by the fan club and they get first to the barrier wrist bands. My friend Chris got picked so we got to go in early.

After talking to the two people dead center they were kind enough to let us in right front dead center. We then saw 3 more people we knew upfront. It is a tight noit family these edhead’s.

Ghost came on right at 7 and with a new line up. If it was never reported would any of us they were new would we know, probably not.

They are in support of their latest Popestar. The band is growing with popularity as each day goes by. With their satantistic fun swagger they command the stage. Papa first comes out in his full pope garb for the first few songs and then suits it up in his newer dress up style. The band is always in black and and has masks on to conceal their identity. It adds to the mystique of the band.

With an opening slot comes a shorter set but still strong one. Papas humor of the orgasm is excellent and tries to get all men to give women one. The band is spot on every night, has to do with the amount of touring they do.

Setlist – Square Hammer – From the Pinnacle to the Pit – Ritual – Circle – Year Zero – Absolution – Mummy Dust – Monstrance Clock.

Maiden’s shows are always by the book. The stage is huge and has to be choreographed each night. With pyro and an amazing stage show every time. With the last few tours for Maiden have been one throw back greatest hits tour then a new album and tour, then another greatest hits tour. The Book of Souls in my opinion is the best album they have put out since Seventh Son. All the music you would have sworn came out right after that album. It fits in so good with the late 80’s Maiden. They open with the title track and the single from the album, If Entirety Should Fail and Speed of Light. It’s then into the Killer classic Wrathchild and Children of the Damned the Number of the Beast classic. The rest of the setlist has 4 more new tunes and a slew of classics from Somewhere in Time – Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark – Powerslave and many more.

The stage show is based on the Mayans and their disappearance. It has all the pyro Iron Maiden is known for and Eddie. This time Bruce rips his heart out and throws it into the crowd.

The thing I love about the band is that they are artists and they come out and make new albums and tour for the album and playing a lot of new tunes on the record. Go out and listen to the new albums, throw them in the car and listen to them over and over like we used to. I still do it with all new releases just to make sure I am up on the new music.

The guys are still just as active as ever running, jumping and all over the stage. Bruce has never sang better in his carrier. Which some things do get better with age.

Setlist – If Eternity Should Fail – Speed of Light – Wrathchild – Children of the Damned – Death or Glory – The Red and the Black – The Trooper – Powerslave – The Great Unknown – The Book of Souls – Fear of the Dark – Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast – Blood Brothers – Wasted Years