In This Moment – Myth – Maplewood MN – April 9th 2017

Myth and 93x presents the Half God Half Devil tour featuring In This Moment – Motionless in White – Avatar.

The Myth was sold out tonight for the Half God tour.

The circus metal Avatar was up first. These guys are great. Huge spectacle of a circus and metal show. The mech guy even had one a ring leader costume.

They have a fun edgy attitude with a bit of craziness.

Next up was Motionless in White. If you like your bands like a horror movie and a bit crazy they are for you.

In support of their latest release  Graveyard Shift. They have a great energetic show with crazy clown girl throwing candy, cool stage show made to look like Halloween and great band.

The songs can get way heavy at times but overall way fun.

What do you not love about In This Moment. These guys are fantastic. With the new tour comes new costumes for Maria and new tunes for the guys to play.

Somewhat same stage set up so Maria can have her dressing room up and front.

The change is nice to see. The fan base for these guys is incredible. Fans from all over were there tonight.