Imagine Draongs – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN –

Imagine Dragons returned to the Xcel Energy Center on October 16, 2017 after a two year break, to a sold out show.   It had been two years since the Twin Cities had seen them, after playing six shows here after releasing their debut album.  So their return was highly anticipated.  Accompanying them were K. Flay, of “Blood in the Cut” fame, and Grouplove.  Having two bands prior to the main act was a bit of an odd move, as a large amount of Imagine Dragon fans are students.  With a 9:30pm start time (lasting until 11:30pm) on a Monday night, it made for a later night.  In regards to the opening acts, K. Flay was well received, however, Grouplove was met with disdain, as the off key singing and bizarre stage show didn’t make for the right fit.

When Imagine Dragons took to the stage with, “I Don’t Know Why”, the energy of the room began to rise.  The band went from energetic to serious without missing a beat, referencing their hometown Las Vegas, and the recent shooting, before singing, “It’s Time”.  The song, “Demons” brought up the subject of depression, which brought a lot more emotion and depth to the show.  Previous Imagine Dragons’ shows lacked this, rather running with the upbeat and fast nature.  This show was not without that, but the inclusion of the melancholy feel really added to it.  It makes me feel that they have grown in the past few years.

An acoustic set was played on the B stage later in the set, paying tribute to the late Tom Petty.  They played, “I Won’t Back Down”, a cover that was very well received.  I’ve heard a number of Tom Petty covers in the last week and I simply cannot get sick of them, so this was welcome.  “Bleeding Out” and “Dream” were also included in the small set. Back on the main stage, they played their more recognizable hits.  The bummer to this is that they waited until the last thirty minutes to play them, so anyone who wanted to hear them would have to wait the show out, rather than leave early on a Monday night.  “Radioactive”, “Believer”, and “Thunder” were included.  Those songs are just FUN. They strike a chord with everyone in the audience and encourage enough audience participation to feel like everyone is a part of the show.

Upon seeing the growth of Imagine Dragons after the past two years, it will be exciting to see what is in store for us the next time they come to the Twin Cities.