Helmet – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN – March 11, 2015

Helmet plays Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the evening of March 11, 2015. The band plays their album, “Betty” in its entirety, much the excitement of the crowd. There’s nothing quite like seeing an entire album played live and “Betty” is considered one of Helmet’s more experimental albums, inspired by jazz and blues alike. Regardless of how different it was from previous releases in 1994, it ended up being incredibly well received by both critics and fans.

After the full track listing, they move onto the album, “Strap It On”. “Strap It On” was the debut album from the band and was heavily praised upon its release. Also played in its entirety, the audience is treated to not only two full Helmet albums, but also a few remaining songs as an encore. “Birth Defect” and “Like I Care” from the “Aftermath” album are played, as well as “Unsung” and “In the Meantime”.

The night is a great mix of music, as the two albums were two of the most well received albums of the mid nineties. Both albums have a different sound to them as well, making for a solid blend of sound.