Guns N Roses – US Bank Stadium – Minneapolis MN – July 30th 2017

US Bank Stadium presents Guns N Roses.

Well what can you say about Guns N Roses that has not already been said? I have been a huge fan since Live Like a Suicide their first EP.

So to see that they are coming back in an understatement. As the show approached I got more excited. I had seen them overtime when they were close since 87.

Day of the show we head down to get merch, talk to people, maybe hang out and get some food and beers. Well when we got there we noticed there was only 50 people in line to pit. We were lucky enough to get the pit seats. So you are in charge of where you are gonna be. Asked my sister in-law well should we get inline. Well yes.

When we get into the pit we see the dead center front row is open. OK lets hang here. Would like to thank everyone up front on how cool and calm and collected everyone was.

The Deftones opened and only got 9 songs. They were good, if you like them you just need to see them in a headlining show. So much better and longer. They did make a statement the forst time they played here was in a McDonald’s parking lot. Well a few more people then that show.

The big question on everyone’s mind is will Axl be ready on time. Watching the tour since they all got back together yes there is too much on the line to be doing that crap.

Heard so many people how have been waiting their whole lives for this show. As they have not been together since 1993.  So it all comes down to this.

Hitting it right on time at 8:30, It’s So Easy. Now we are all a little older so the moves are not our younger self bad man do they sound good. Mr. Brownstone has been the second song in the setlist since, well forever.

The stage is a huge screen favored stage. It should be since being in a stadium you need to see from far away. Our seats were never expected and we were right under their nose. It is interesting to sit here case you see everything. Security, stage hands, fans, band and all sorts of other stuff.

Setlist consisted of every album including Chinese Democracy which Duff and Slash are not even on. Glad to see Richard Fortus still hanging around. He is one hell of a guitar player.

They are on tour for the rest of the year. Travel if you can, go if they are in your town, do not miss they show!!!!!!

The band sounds so good, I have seen them really messed up and with different line ups and I can tell you this is the best they have ever sounded.