Genesis – United Center – Chicago IL – November 15th 2021

The United Center and Live Nation present Genesis
Review and photos by Brian Curski
It’s been a long time since Genesis has a US Tour until last week.  It was 2007 in fact.  After scheduling a tour for 2020, and playing Europe earlier this year, the played Chicago for two nights starting last Monday night at United Center.
I was at the second night on Tuesday, and having missed my chance to see them in the past was excited at the chance.   It was a strong start with the usual Behind the Lines/Duke’s End leading into Turn It On Again.  They sounded strong, lead in rhythm by their new drummer for this tour, Nic Collins filling in for his father.
Other highlights included hearing Fading Lights (as a fan of the album We Can’t Dance), and a mini acoustic three song set in the middle of the show, featuring That’s All, which turned into the biggest sing along song of the night.  I was also very pleasantly surprised to hear Misunderstanding.  They had not played it in concert since the 80s until debuting it the night before.  After looking at the Europe setlists, which were close but not exact to this show, it was unexpected.
Reports of Phil Collins’ voice for this tour have brought down the expectations a bit, and while watching him walk to and from his chair at the front of the stage was unusual, his voice worked well in the mix, and his enthusiasm for cheering on the crowd was amazing.  Even seated, was a great front man who loves putting on a show.
After the We Can’t Dance/Moonlit Knight/Carpet Crawlers encore, there were a lot of smiling faces leaving the show.  A lot of “i was there” looks.  Not sure there will be anymore US shows than the 12 or so left on the tour, but if you’re able, I would say go for it!  You won’t be disappointed.