Freaks on Parade Tour – Wells Fargo Arena – Des Monies IA – September 2nd 2023

Live Nation and Wells Fargo Arena presents Freaks on Parade Tour staring Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper with special guests Ministry and Filter

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Want to know a bit about the Freaks on Parade Tour?  Make sure you get there early. I had been approved for the show so headed down looking forward to shooting Alice and Rob. When I got there to get my credentials, someone was playing. I asked a dude in a horrible Alice Cooper outfit who was playing. He says Ministry like i’m the dumbest person alive. So I quickly go into the arena and see the last two songs. Just One Fix and God Damn White Trash. I then found out that Filter also opened. So get there early so you don’t miss them.

Alice Cooper has always put on a show that has been amazing for years. He is also welcoming back Nita Strauss back to the band after a brief stint with Demi Lovato’s touring band. Alice opened with a 30 second clip of Lock Me up then went into No More Mr Nice Guy, I’m Eighteen and Under My Wheels. He is always a professional and the band is amazing. I did miss the Kane Roberts return last year and was really bummed out cause I wanted to hear some of the 80’s classics he was playing with Kane. The set was a shortened version of the headlining sets I have seen of the years past but still great. He plays all the hits Poison, Feed My Frankenstein, I Love the Dead, Elected. He also brings along the guillotine, the Frankenstein and his wonderful wife to help out. The band of course gets their spot light with the Black Widow jam and more extended solos through the night. School’s Out is the closer with balllons and band introductions. He is always great to see. Worth the ticket price alone.

Rob Zombie has  made himself into an icon. I remember when White Zombie first staeted on Caroline records and it was totally different then anything else. Wasn’t my thing until La Sexorcisto came out and we saw them at a local pub called The Mirage. They blew the place away. Funny thing there were only about 100 of us there. Well we all know what has been going on since then. This time around John 5 has moved on to join Motley Crue, so Rob welcomed back Mike Riggs into the band. He was with them from 1997-2003. Funny thing is it has been 20 years since he was in the band. The set was heavy on his first solo album Hellbilly Deluxe. Which I believe is his best solo album, so it was great to hear all those songs live again. We did get two White Zombie songs More Human than Human and Thunder Kiss 65. I mean if you are gonna do two White Zombie songs those are it. His stage is huge like usual. Massive screens and pyro all over the place.The stage also has him on podiums, high rises and all sorts of stuff. He is also one who does not sit around on stage. He is always all over the place. Rob also has some of the best fringe jackets you will ever see.

This tour is so good. If you dig metal or just good rock n roll do not miss this show. Click here for info.