Fires of Denmark with Jae Havoc and The Misdemeanors – First Avenue 7th Street Entry – November 4th, 2021

Fires of Denmark with Jae Havoc and The Misdemeanors

Review and photos by Kate Klaus

The 7th Street Entry at First Avenue was packed full of fans to support 3 Minnesota musical groups on Thursday evening, November 4th.  Fires of Denmark were joined by fellow Rochester artist Jae Havoc, as well as Minneapolis musical project The Misdemeanors.

Jae Havoc opened the show with an animated and expressive set, accompanied by DJ Inztramental (Mikey Doherty).  His powerful lyrics and emotional delivery tackled difficult subjects with a sense of inspiration and hope.  He energized the crowd and had them chanting and singing along, as well as connecting with the honest delivery and true passion that was evident in his performance.

Continuing the energy of the evening, The Misdemeanors took the stage with a range of instruments, including saxophone and a trumpet, and immediately had the crowd dancing and cheering.  Lead singer Jasmine Eden’s smile seemed to reflect the pure joy and vitality that was being shared through their music.  A mix of jazz, rock, and even folk influences could be heard throughout their set, as they oscillated between lively dance tunes and harder rock riffs, to a beautiful acoustic folk song.  It was a well-rounded and exceptionally executed set of songs that

Fires of Denmark closed the night with an incredibly emotional and powerful performance with their band the Technical Imperfections.  Mike Terrill filled the room with hypnotic beats and deep synth bass tones.  His band added an intricate delivery of a unique blend of sounds using both a variety of vintage synthesizers and guitar.  It was an eclectic experience, from the sequin-studded jacked sparkling in the lights and the range of instruments and sounds to the reverberation of tones which oscillated between haunting and soothing.  Fires of Denmark delivered a captivating performance with a palpable emotional and physical connection to the depth of their music.  Their album Relativity is out November 12th and will definitely be one to listen to and keep an eye on as they rise on the music scene.