Elton John – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN – March 22nd and 23rd 2022

Live Nation and Xcel Enter Center presents Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road World Tour

Well what can you say about Elton John that has not already been said? He brought his farewell tour back to the Twin Cities for 2 more nights. The first two were in 2019 and did so well he needed another two to please the crowd. I mean he could play for a month and it would be sold out every night. He kept the show to an amazing greatest hits show with a few surprises thrown in. Have Mercy on the Criminal and Border Song were some cool deep tracks to hear. He even did Cold Heart his duet with Dua Lipa at the start of the encore.She sings the Rocket Man in the song so he did his parts to a video of her on his massive screen. He said he was very happy having a hit record at 75.

The stage was massive. It had a huge area in the front that came out to both sides of the front to fit his piano. It also has a track that brings him and his piano over to the other side. Then the band is tucked away in the huge screen center stage. Now Elton does not need this big of production cause his songs are what he is all about. Each song has a different video playing while the band plays the song.

The band is perfect. Sometimes on these farewell tours you get guys just phoning it in and grabbing the cash, not with Elton. His voice and playing is just magical. You have Davey Johnston on guitar who has been working with him since 71, Nigel Olsen on drums has been working with him since the year I was born in 69, Matt Bissonette on bass is I guess the new guy in the band but has worked with Jeff Lynne, Joe Satriani, David Lee Roth, Ringo Starr, Rick Springfield to name a few so he has some great background work, Kim Bullard has been working with Elton since 2009, Ray Cooper has been with him since 71 and has worked with almost everyone in classic rock, and JOhn Mahon who has been with Elton since 97. So what you are seeing in this band is a bunch of legends when it comes down to it.  They play for two and a half hours and squueze in 22 songs  for the show. This is a must for anyone to see. There are a few dates left until the end of April. After that it is a European tour then back in the US for a summer and fall dates, but those will be in stadiums. So if you can catch a show in an arena do so. I was in the last row of the upper deck first show and it does not matter where you are. You can hear and see everything.  Thank you Elton for giving us such beautiful music.

Setlist – Bennie and the Jets – Philadelphia Freedom – I Guess Why They Call It the Blues – Border Song – Tiny Dancer – Have Mercy on the Criminal – Rocket Man – Take Me To the Pilot – Someone Saved My Life Tonight – Levon – Candle in the Wind – Funeral for a Friend / Love lies Bleeding – Burn Down the Mission – Sad Songs (Say so Much) – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – The Bitch is Back – I’m Still Standing – Crocodile Rock – Saturday’s Alright for Fighting – Cold Heart – Your Song – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Lots of photos cause it’s Elton John.

Elton John night 1 photo gallery.

Night 2 Photo gallery