DSL * Dire Straits Legacy – Leinie Lodge Bandshell – Minnesota State Fair – August 30th 2022

Lens on Music at the Fair – Day 6

Content by Patrick Dunn

The Minnesota State Fair Grandstand stage is a focal point for entertainment that is designed to cater to an extremely broad range of visitors who make their way through the gates each season. While this stage provides top notch musical acts during most nights of the fair, Tuesday night reminded us of just how important it is to laugh with a fantastic headlining comedy show by Jim Gaffigan.

There was still plenty of great music to be enjoyed on several other stages throughout the fairgrounds. One performance in this years lineup that I was not going to miss was a wonderfully nostalgic performance by DSL * DIre Straits Legacy¬†at the Leinie Lodge Bandshell. While the original band’s best known member Mark Knopfler is not part of this project, those associated have a significant history with the material and did it justice.